Linkden Makeovers

Are you in business or an entrepreneur struggling to engage with your ideal target prospects through social selling?
It’s Time to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Your personal brand starts with your LinkedIn profile.

Your LinkedIn profile serves as a first impression when you engage with potential clients. Of course you want to impress, but business owners, marketing professionals and salespeople often make the mistake of treating their LinkedIn profile like a resume— Your LinkedIn Profile is your opportunity to shine a light on what you can do for your Ideal Customer.  This is your opportunity to let them know that you, and you alone are the perfect solution to their problem.

Improve your personal brand

Mitzy Dadoun – The LinkedIn Queen and her team are your solution! We specialize in LinkedIn Profile Transformations, which are proven to improve your personal brand so you can engage your target audience more effectively.

 Does your social profile reflect who you really are?

  • Do your buyers believe you are providing insightful information to help them?
  • Does your profile tell your buyer how you can help them?
  • Does your profile make your ideal client want to reach out to you NOW!
  • Do your buyers believe that you can serve as an outstanding resource to them?

Why Choose The LinkedIn Queen and her team for your LinkedIn Makeover?

Have you been wondering how to write a LinkedIn Profile?

We have a team of experts that have worked on THOUSANDS of LinkedIn Profiles. Each LinkedIn Profile writer has been trained and is held to her extremely high standards of quality and customer service. You can feel confident that we will help you forge a strong professional brand that SHINES a Light on You! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

When you work with us to write your LinkedIn profile, we do not simply fill out the fields, copying and pasting your resume. Our mission is to strategically align your LinkedIn profile to your goals and target audience so you can reach your true potential. Whether you are looking for a job or seeking your ideal clients your new profile will help you stand out from the crowd.